Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I get your products and services?
You can contact us at www.xlsupply.net for our products and services.
2What is the e-commerce site?
The E-commerce, which is the abbreviation of Electronic Commerce, is a website that brings together the product focus of the customer with the seller and enables all transactions from order to payment to be performed with data.
3 What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?
ERP is a structure that gathers software modules that enable the enterprise to manage different business types and activities under a single database.
4Is SEO Compatible in Your E-commerce Packages?
Your site is 100% compatible with advanced SEO modules. We provide everything you need to be at the top of search engines within XL Supply.
5Can special developments in software be made for us?
In line with the needs of your company, the software developed by our team are special software for you and updates are made according to your request.
6Can I Integrate My E-commerce Site With Marketplaces?
You can easily use your E-Commerce site in integration with many global marketplaces. With the E-Commerce marketplace integration, you can easily match your categories and follow your orders on a single panel.
7Are there any restrictions on the software you have developed specifically for our needs?
As a result of the detailed sharing of the projects you want with our team, we can provide the most suitable software for you in open source code. This avoids software restrictions.


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